Texas Real Estate Inspections

Starting at 350.00  - 0-2000sq/ft

    2001 sq/ft & up
     Slab on Grade - .15cents/sqft  - includes Wood Destroying Insect Inspection

     Pier & Beam - .18cents/sqft - includes Wood Destroying Insect Inspection              

                                                    Additional fees to prices above....

(homes with more than two stories)------$35.00/Level

WDI (Termite Inspection) - 125.00 without Standard TREC report

Foreclosure------$25.00 (0-2000 sq/ft)      $50.00 (2001-Higher sq/ft)

Follow-up starting at:           $100.00 (no report given)

Specialty Pricing  
            Duplex/multi homes      Regular sq/ft fee +$100.00/ unit up to 2000 sq/ft     
 Condos                             $300

SYSTEM INSPECTIONS                        
            Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC & Structural       $200.00/system                          

            On site w/ walk-through 175.00
                            (no written report supplied)

A&K Real Estate Services, Incorporated specializes in the
Residential Inspections and Commercial Property Evaluation reports.

Remember there is never a dumb question only dumb
people who don't ask questions!
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We also do Insurance & General
Fully insured as required by The Texas Real Estate Commission as of September 1, 2007
New Home & Phase Inspection

Foundation Phase                            Starting at $350.00

Rough-in Phase                                Starting at $350.00

Follow up  (New Construction)      $100.00/visit

Final Inspection based square footage &  number of stories Starting at $350.00

1 & 2-year Warranty Inspections        starting at $150.00 up to 2000 sq/ft
(Please call for information on larger square footage homes)
(Special discounts apply for clients that do initial complete inspection)
Option Inspection items:               
Pool:  Starting at $100.00 (w/TREC report)

Pool: starting at $150.00 for individual reports

Sprinkler System:   $100.00  ($75.00 w/TREC report)

Alarm Inspection.......................$100.00
ASTM Standard E2018
Commercial Inspections ... Call for Pricing (on average .25-.30/sq ft)

Commercial Inspection: Mechanical (HVAC/Plumbing), Electrical & Structural &
written report
(International Building Code & ASTM E2018 are used as primary forms of reference)
Septic Inspections
Performed within the rules and guidelines of T.C.E.Q
Inspections: 350.00 & up.
(200.00 w/TREC report)

PRICE: Usually an inspector goes by the Appraisal districts listed square footage and the number of items outside
the scope of the in normal inspection.
(Texas Real Estate Commission: Standards of Practice).

LENGTH of TIME: As a general rule of thumb the inspection is quoted at 1hr for every 1000 sq/ft.

Present at Inspection: Here at A&K Real Estate Services, Inc. We generally either want the Buyer or Buyer's Agent
Present; however this is not required.

Utilities: All utilities such as gas, electric, water
MUST be working at the time of inspection.
(Additional fees apply if inspector is requested to return to complete inspection or evaluation)

Replace all burned out light bulbs

Test and replace all smoke detector batteries as needed

Change all filters for the heating and air conditioning system

Have keys available for all doors and locks.

Remove all locks from gates and service panels so they can be accessed

Repair all minor known defects; loose/ damaged gutters, leaking faucets, damaged fixtures and hardware.

Remove all stored items and debris from around the foundation.

Move all items from around access panels including; electric panels, plumbing access panels in the closets and
the crawl space access opening.

We all love our pets but it would be best if they visited a friend or are put away during the inspection

The pool and hot tub equipment should be operational and accessible.

Provide a copy of all recent receipts  for repairs and maintenance done to the house such as; roof, heating and air
conditioning system, and major appliances

Trim all trees and bushes away from the house

Remember that all stored items in attics, closets and craw spaces will limit the inspectors view, you may want to
remove them

During the inspection the inspector will be operating almost everything in the house and garage
inspection at no extra
charge, in addition
We will provide a free
limited 90-day
complete Texas Real
Inspection Report.
Home Owners
V.I.P. (Voluntary Inspection Program) Inspector
Texas Department of Insurance





Post Construction






Phase inspections

Termite Inspection
Professional Inspection
          Click Pre-Inspection Agreement or House to see a copy of the form

This form is required a minimum 24hrs prior to inspection appointment.
Please read for thoroughly prior to signing and setting up appointment.
NO CHECKS accepted at this time.
Acceptable forms of payment cash, Local cashiers check/money order & credit card/paypal.

Cash payments receive a $10.00 discount
Myth Buster....

Do you think Newly
built homes need
inspections done?

The answer is YES!!!
There is a common
misconception that
new homes have no
need for an they are
Builder's often have
their own inspectors
to inspect when the
project is complete.
Having your own
inspection give you
more fire power and
dealing with the
company or Builder.
The Real Answer

need inspections.
corners or use
standards. The
builder's inspector is
often there after the
often there after the
fact and goes fact
and goes through a
punch list.

New or Used homes
need an inspection. It
never hurts to have a
Every 3 years Building
Codes change, The
inspector you hire
should be familiar with
these changes and
whether or not they
affect your area. This
will allow for a
thorough examination.
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Thank you for taking the time to visit us here at A&K Real Estate Services, Inc. Our Main Goal is to provide you with a
qualified, educated and professional opinion in the general performance of your new intended purchase. Along with the
continuing educational requirements required by the State Of Texas, A&K Real Estates Services strives to get the most
education and experience to better serve our clients. We can also help with your insurance claims and General
Contracting needs.

Please read through the site and get as much information as you can either from us here at A&K Real Estate or from
the City or County in the area where you are planning to buy, build or rent. Also look in the ABOUT US section. I will
place some links in there that might have some useful information. If you have any questions we are just a phone call
or email away. Again I want to thank you for stopping in and we want to wish you happy hunting in your search for the
perfect location to fit your needs.

January 28, 2005
Myth Buster
I don't need an
inspector I can
see and fix most
of  the problems

most of the problems
some problems are
hidden a Professional
Inspector is trained
to look past the
obvious to get you
closer to the truth.
Smart Move!
A small investment now is better than 30 years of regret!